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Services - GS Renovations Montreal & Quebec

Renovations & Construction Contractor

Bathroom Renovations

Your Bathroom needs any type of Renovation?

GS Renovations is an expert in renovating any type of bathrooms. A complete service and maintenance offered with a lifetime warranty on certain materials. Our range of service could fit any type of budget, business or needs.

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Floor Installation

Bois Franc,Ceramic, Carpets or Asphalt?

Our team has more than 10 years expertise in floor installation of any kind. We can install Bois Franc, Ceramic, Carpets, Asphalt for your driveway and any other kind of floor installation

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Looking to change your wall painting?

A wide selection of color and quality paints are available at your disposal with GS Renovation. more than 20% of our works are in painting. We can paint any element of your house or business. Doors, closets, walls and entrance...

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Kitchen Renovation

Looking to modernize your kitchen?

GS Renovation makes your kitchen modern in style and customized to fit your needs. We work hard on build high quality kitchens while using high grade elements and materials.

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Basement Renovation

Your basement is too tight and needs some restructuring?

GS Renovations can make your basement look wider and gain more space. Our prices are guaranteed and we can make any mission possible within your home

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Your roof is getting too old and started leaking?

GS Renovation is a roof doctor. Since 2005 we have fixed more than a hundred of roofs within Quebec and Ontario. We offer a diverse wide selection of roof tiles that are guaranteed to last for many years to come.

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Ceramic Tile Installation

Need a quick tile installation?

GS Renovations offers you a wide selection of tiles and colors that fit your taste. We can install complete rooms within hours or offer you a quick fix for a broken tile.

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Interior Installations

Need to install anything in your home, business or garden?

GS Renovation can install anything in your house, garden or business with the help of our complete toolkit and expert team.

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Plumbing works?

GS Renovations can expand your water installation or fix any emergency leakage in your premise. We guarantee our service and we only use lifetime warranty materials.

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Electrical problems?

GS Renovation can do any electricity related job in your premise. Our team is a certified electrical team that meets high standards requirements.

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Door Doctor

Any door issues?

If you need to install or fix any door in your premise, GS Renovation is the solution for you. We can fix your door in less than 24 hours and make your residential or commercial property safer. We can put any type of doors at your disposal and our prices are the lowest guaranteed.

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Dead Bulb or need to expand your lighting?

GS Renovation provides an indoor or outdoor lighting installation service. Our team will get to your doors and fix any lighting issue

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Need some garden care?

We provide residential owners with sustainable landscaping design and installation, and maintenance services. We create natural landscape designs that are appropriate for each client's particular site, creating a self-sustaining environment that will meet your unique needs. Our goal is to create a beautiful, sustainable, and economical garden appropriate for Canada's natural conditions.

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Snow Removal

Hard winter?

The professional snow removal service offered by GS Renovations outshines all competitors in the area of Montreal. We will keep your residential or commercial property safe and accessible during even the worst winter storms

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